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Bebop and Rocksteady (by hshuldman)

Bebop and Rocksteady (by hshuldman)

Just because I feel old today…


& THE POPPLES! Not just because of the t.v show, but also because you could shape them into a ball and sometimes when you couldn’t find a ball, you’d play a sport with your popple instead. (AND they were great for throwing at your annoying brothers… in my case) 

(I had a better souvenir about it, but yes, I had the blue one haha)

Since I had 2 older brothers, I was kinda tomboy about some stuff. And I played my share of GI Joe. But what I loved the most: Ninja Turtles!!!

I didn’t like my neighbor at all. But he had this. And you could trow pizza with that car so it was worth the play in his basement (& his scary dad)

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